Rachel McCarthy

my mission: to promote confidence, self love, femininity and power one shoot at a time

hello there, I’m Rachel, a film photographer based in Paris, France and Santa Barbara, California. My goal with art of body boudoir is simple. Create beautiful, timeless images that my clients are truly proud of. It’s not all about showing skin or appearing to feel sexy, it’s about actually feeling sexy and beautiful from the inside. 

about my style:  I would describe my style as feminine, sensual and dreamy...and I believe certain things are often better left to the imagination. I like to make my subjects feel as comfortable and safe as possible during our time together. I primarily shoot film because of it’s beautiful textures and vibrant colors, also it makes skin look soft and pretty. There is an art to shooting film that I love and couldn’t be a photographer without it. I aim to bring out that sexy and confident woman you are!

my background: I started my career as a wedding photographer alongside Patrick Moyer for many years. I then transitioned into my own business shooting boudoir, maternity and portraits. I find inspiration in traveling, fashion, interior design and beautiful things. 





Paris, France 2017

Paris, France 2017